Unsolved Death of First Generation Idol: Kim Sungjae

After appearing on stage for his solo album debut, Kim Sungjaes found dead in his hotel room with his girlfriend and staff. They first ruled out it was due to heart attack but later they saw 28 needle marks. What happened and who really killed him?

Kim Sungjae is one of the most influential idols in the first generation of Kpop in the 1900s. He was known as a member of the duo hip-hop group, Deux, alongside Lee Hyungdo. They first debuted as a Kpop group in 1993 that featured their hit song, “Turn Around and Look at Me. Sungjae was well-loved and had a lot of support that made him release a solo album.

Kim Sungjae did her first stage in SBS on November 19, 1995. He performed ‘As I told You’ with his iconic unique look. This song was a hit when it was first released.

Unfortunately, after performing his solo debut stage, he was found dead the next day in his hotel room. Everyone was shocked by the news and fans were devastated. Sungjae celebrated that night because of his successful debut and had a little party with his crew in his hotel in Seoul.

In his autopsy, it was found that his right arm was covered in 28 needle marks with traces of veterinary anesthetic. Suicide was out of the question because the marks are on his right hand which could not injected by himself because he is right-handed.

The prime suspect is his girlfriend who seemed to be a sasaeng kind. His girlfriend was violent towards the late singer in the past. One time, she tied Sungjae while he was sleeping so he couldn’t sign a contract. Another incident was that she shot using a gas gun. There was a witness who saw her and Sungjae together and looked like dragging him that night.

She was sentenced for lifetime imprisonment but got away. The late singer’s girlfriend was said to be the daughter of a powerful family who had a lot of connection. The suspect was found innocent due to a lack of evidence. Even though she admitted to purchased some anesthesia, she still getaway after saying she immediately throw it away. But all clues and details seem to be pointing to her. It was revealed by his friends that Sungjae planned to end their relationship earlier that week.

A lot of investigation happened and there was a schedule to release a TV show with the title “We Want to Know the Truth” in SBS. For some reason, long-running TV show was prohibited from airing a segment. His girlfriend filed a lawsuit that it will irreparably damage her personal rights.

The girl’s family stated: “Our family suffered a lot from the biased reports over the past 24 years despite the fact that our daughter was convicted of innocence. Every time my heart is worried about my daughter, my heart is rattled. ”

A lot of petitions surfaced to get the justice Kim Sungjae deserves. More than 210,000 signed a petition protested to the court for “obstructing the people’s right to know.” Up until now, there was no further progress on the case. this year, 2020, will be Sungjae’s 25th death anniversary and still no justice.

His brother, Kim Sungwook, still mourns to his death and still pursues in fighting for the case even after 25 years.

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