True Beauty Coming Soon! Who will be the perfect Jugyeong?

It is confirmed that the webtoon ‘True Beauty’ will be soon to be a Kdrama, and fans are rejoicing after Cha Eunwoo accepted the role. This drama is famous for its stunning visuals and we can’t wait who will take Lim Jugyeong’s role. We give you beautiful K-idol contenders who are perfect for the role.

If you don’t read the webtoon, it is about Jugyeong who is not confident with her bare face so instead, she mastered makeup techniques to look gorgeous. Meanwhile, Suho met the bare-faced Jugyeong and became friends with her.

The production team is yet to set who will play the female leading role and kpop fans are all over twitter giving us ideas who could slay the character.

Blackpink’s Jisoo

Although Jisoo was recently removed in YG’s website in the acting label, the fans are still hoping to see more of actress Jisoo after Arthdal Chronicles. With her beauty and acting skills, Jisoo is perfect to be Jugyeong. See how perfect Eunwoo and Jisoo are.

APink’s Eunji

When you say Kpop actress, Eunji will be always on the list. With her outstanding acting performances in Reply 1997, trot Lovers, and Cheer Up, we know that she would do perfectly well in portraying the quirky and stunning Jugyeong.

Iz*One’s Minju

Before Minju debuted as a K-idol, she was a child actress. She was casted in Great Seducer, The Fault is Not Yours, and Immortal Goddess, and True Beauty will be a good drama to showcase more of her visuals and talent.

April’s Naeun

Naeun is becoming popular as an actress especially after her great roles in ATEEN and Extraordinary You. Naeun is only 20 years old and gives you that Jugyeong vibe with or without makeup.

Red Velvet’s Joy

Joy had starring roles in The Liar and His Lover and Tempted. With her charm and great acting skills, fans will definitely fall for her.

Do you have more k-idols in mind perfect for the role?

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