Special Drama: If I Were A Season

If I Were A Season ( 우리가 계절이라면 ) is a 1-hour special season released in 2017 by KBS and is a must-watch. This drama has great foreshadowing and great storytelling that you’ll want to watch it more than once. Plus, the satr studded cats from Chae Soobin (I am a Robot/ A Piece of Your Mind) and Jang Dongyoon (Nokdu), and Jung Jinyoung (B1A4). This is truly not an ordinary cliche kdrama. We will give you a good breakdown below. We recommend you to watch it first here, or watch it below.


To start, we know the facts that Haerim and Giseok are very close friends that care one about another. They are always together since birth and are pretty much comfortable with one another. The first half of the drama clearly showed their relationship. If you pay attention to their lines, there was a lot of foreshadowing that happened especially to Hyerim’s line while they were watching a movie together and to how it should have ended, and how she felt that she was ‘cheating’ when she first spends time with the new student.

The story gets its plot twist not when the new student arrived. It was how an incident changed Haerim’s perspective. It is clear that she liked Giseok but did she also liked Dongyeong or just lied because she was scared to do the same as her father? We will let you decide that.

Now, this drama is so good because the director didn’t directly present what actually happened. There are two possible theories by fans.

First is that Haerim lied that she liked Dongyeong. This was to make Giseok turn away because she was scared to get in a relationship with him. When she said “Why am I feeling guilty?” the first time she talked to Dongyeong showed how Haerim did flutter for a moment. This made her scared to accept Giseok because she might also cheat just like her father. Giseok left strong advice to Haerim to not do something based on other people. At the ending, Haerim cried as she realized that she liked Giseok more. Giseok hugged Haerim that symbolizes that their story did not end there referring to Haerim’s lines before, “I think a tight hug is good for an ending. That seems more heart-warming and it feels like their story hasn’t ended yet.”

Second is Haerim really liked Donyeong. After being almost every day with Giseok, she just really felt comfortable. But when Dongyeong straightforwardly confessed to her, it was a new feeling to Haerim and her heart fluttered. Haerim asked her father why he cheated and he said: “I tried not to but I couldn’t help it.” She confronted Dongyeong and made her realize it was the same case as her father, that she just couldn’ helped but like him. At the ending, she was talking to someone on the phone and said: “See you in Seoul.” and it was Dongyeong because he lives in Seoul.

The director left us as an audience to believe what truly happened with the information that was given. Tell us what you think or if you caught more details in this short drama below.

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