Show your love to Kstars in Korean

Show your love and support to your favorite Kstars and comment on their social media in Korean. It will be easier for them if they will read your comments in their language. We collected some best sentences you can use to show your appreciation to them:

힘내세요! – Hang in there!

항상 좋은 음악을 줘서 고마워요 – Thank you for always giving us good music

당신은 소중한 사람이에요 – You’re a special person.

난 항상 응원 할게요– I’ll always support you.

푹 쉬세요 – Please rest well.

당신이 독특합니다– You are unique

너는 나의 천사 – You are my angel.

행복하세요– Please be happy.

진짜 잘생겼다– You are very handsome.

진짜 예쁘다 – You are very pretty.

목소리가 정말 달콤해요 – Your voice is very sweet.

덕분에 매일 행복해요. Thanks to you, I am happy every day.

어떻게 그렇게_______(예뻐요/ 멋져요/ 잘생겼어요/ 웃겨요/ 재밌어요)? – How can you be so (pretty/cool/handsome/hilarious/funny)?

역시 최고이다! – As expected, you are the best!

이 노래 정말 좋아요– This song is really good

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