Shamanism in Korea

Shamanism is an indigenous practice in Korea that believes that there is another world besides that of the living. Even as of today, this religion is still a strong belief in Korea.

So what do they believe in? They said that there exist both good and bad spirits who can influence human affairs. A shaman, also called as mudang, is believed to have the ability to communicate with these spirits and enter their world. Using this special connection with the spirits can give you a blessing or a disaster.

A mudang would perform ceremonies to cure illness, bring good luck , banish evil spirits or demons, and ask favors of the gods. And the two kinds of Mudang are kangshinmu and seseummu. A kangshinmu became a shaman through training and then spiritual possession by a god, and seseummu received their power through heredity. Only those who had strong calling can be a shaman or mudang.

Korea’s culture and way of life have been also affected greatly by Shamanism. In modern Korea, Mudang are still consulted for daily situations like if you’re going to move out of the house, buy a new car, or if you have problems with your family or any other relationship. They sometimes read the future too and gives some advice.

Watch here to know more about Shamans in Korea.

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