Musical K-dramas To Watch

You’re Beautiful(2009)

A.N. Jell did not know their new member is actually a girl. Minam got to an ‘accident’ and her twin sister help him out to debut on time.

I Am Legend(2010)

Who said that Ahjummas can’t rock the stage? Filled with real musical performances with Kim Jungeun (vocals), Juni (lead guitar), Hong Jimin (bass) & Jang Shinyoung (drums).


This is your unusual drama where it features traditional music. the story goes the battle between popular music and traditional music. With overflowing love for Kpop, Shinhye struggles to revive the passion for traditional music in their university. CNBlue’s Yonghwa will be representing kpop here.

Dream High(2011)

A drama with overflowing talents from the star-studded cast. A must watch drama to see Suzy, Soohyun, Taekyeon, Eunung, IU, Wooyoung, and JYP. They cover a lot of kpop songs here. Their version of Tell e Your WIsh is a must watch!

Dream High 2 (2012)

Giving you a different twist on Dream High & different cast, this drama shows pre-debut hardships of soon to be idols and the troubled students at Kirin High School of Art. You will see big artists here like Got7’s Jaebom and Jinyoung, T-ara’s Jiyeon, 2AM’s Jinwoon, Park Seojoon, Hyoryn, and Ailee. There will be cameos from the cast from the first season.

Shut Up Flower Boy Band(2012)

Eye candy is a rock band and was forced to transfer schools. There they met another band Strawberry Fields and wants to take over them. Watch out for a lot of bromance from the group of Sungjoon, Lee Minki, Infinite’s Myungsoo (L), Minseok, and more.

Monstar (2013)

A member of the famous kpop group Men in Black was forced to attend high school and met hidden talents. They healed together through music. Watch out for Btob as Men in Black!

Trot Lovers(2014)

Apink’s Eunji will surely amuse you singing to Trot Music that is said to be the oldest form of Korean pop music. Her powerful voice will win your hearts.

Naeil’s Cantabile(2014)

A series adapted from the Japanese manga Nodame Cantabile. Watch out for great piano performances and classic music. Starring Joowon, Eunkyung, & Bogum. The performances here are very intense. Also, It is very rare to see Bogum as the second lead!


This is a musical drama in which Ji Sung plays the director of KTOP Entertainment and formed a new band. Starring Hyeri, Minhyuk, GongMyung, Taeson and L.Joe

The liar and his lover(2017)

Hyunwoo and Joy(Red Velvet) will make you fall in love more. Their producer-artist relationship bloomed as they keep doing music together.

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