Jin Chae Seon in the Sound of a Flower

Jin Chaeseon was born in 1847 and was the first female master of Pansori– traditional musical storytelling. And in 2015, Suzy Bae portrayed Chaeseon in the movie “The Sound of the Flower”.

Pansori is traditional storytelling through singing. Back in the days, only men are allowed to sing Pansori. But Chaeseon was a talented singer as a shaman’s daughter. She was later discovered by pansori patron Shin Jaehyo at the age of 17 and trained her to be one of the best pansori singers in Joseon.

The story goes as Jaehyo continued to teach Chaeseon despite that it was not socially acceptable to teach women. It was forbidden by the law for women to sing in public at that time.  So Chaeseon had to disguise as a man in joining contests to be able to perform in public.

This made Jin Chaeson the first female Pansori singer and opened the way of Pansori to women. The king adored her so much that he kept her inside the palace as a court singer. And became the King’s concubine as well.

In the movie, Suzy showed powerful Pansori performances. Her portrayal of Chaeseon was

You can watch this in ‘The Sound of A Flower”. Watch the trailer here:

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