About Us


You want to shop from Korea, but the online store does not accept foreign credit cards? When finding some items in the online store, but they do not have an international shipping system?

What We Service

Lowest Price , Worldwide Shipping for Individual Shopper

What We Service
If online store in Korea doesn’t accept your form of payment and does not ship overseas. We can do this for you.
Provide our warehouse Korean address

You’ll keep the our Korean address. You can use it whenever the need arises. We’ll always be ready to accept and ship your items.

We combine multiple orders

We combine multiple orders from different sellers in one economical box, so you can save on shipping! Save up to 60% with package consolidation.

Fast shipment processing

Most shipments are available for review within 24 hours of receipt, and pack requests will be ready for shipment the next business day. You can also choose from a variety of delivery methods.

Shop Anything from Korea

Shop on any Korean online store.
Choose your desired products and order them with us

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Our Team

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