Top 6 Soju Mixes That You Should Try

Soju is the most famous alcohol drink in Korea. Soju has that very special refreshing taste that Koreans would always go for. They love it so much that it made a lot of soju cocktails that will definitely lighten up your mood. Finding these ingredients is not difficult since you can buy it all in the convenience store. Try these refreshing cocktails that will surely win your taste.

Yogurt Soju (Yakult + Soju + Soda)

Yakult Soju Recipe |

Yakult is not just a kids’ drink, it can also give soju a sweet and refreshing taste. You can make your own ratio depending on your taste. But we recommend you to try 1 Yakult to a bottle of Soju and a ***. You can use any soda you have like 7-up or sprite. This combination will still give you that soju taste with more fizz and sweetness. Even without the soda, Yakult and soju still taste great.

Subak Soju (Watermelon Soju)

This is one of the greatest party drink in Korea. Pouring a whole bottle of soju in a fresh watermelon(subak) is heaven. The downside is you need some effort to create this amazing drink. But if you want to impress your friends, you can d definitely serve this subak soju.

Cojinganmek (Cola + Soju + Beer)

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Aside from the famous somaek (soju + beer), you add a splash of Cola. This upgrade is definitely a sure-win especially when you are just chilling with your friends. You can also present it in a cool way buy pouring the coke into a shot glass. Then put it inside the beer cup and mix coke and soju.

it will look like this:

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Melona Soju (Melona + Soju + Soda)

How to Make Soju Mixed with Melona Soju Cocktail

Melona is one of the most famous ice creams there is in Korea. You can buy this in any convenient store or supermarket. You can choose any flavor you like and serve it in a glass or cup. Pour the somaek (soju and beer) and stir it. This will make your drink like a hard milkshake .

Soju Coffee (Soju + Coffee)

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Will soju and coffee make a great combination? Definitely a yes! This is a great drink to keep you up at night. Simply mix 80% of coffee to a 20% soju, and it will boost your energy.

 Korean Screwdriver (Orange Juice + Soju)

10 Soju mixes that you should try

Orange and vodka mixes well together and so does in soju. Some call this Soju Sunrise. Orange gives a strong citrus flavor. It will make this drink taste like juice instead of alcohol and making the soju easy to gulp.

Which one is your favorite?

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