Jjimjilbang: A Korean Public Bathhouse Guide

Jjimjilbang is a must-try experience in South Korea. You probably know by now that Koreans love going to public bathhouses in your favorite K-dramas. Jjimjilbang has a lot of things to offer and is open 24/7. Know why it is a go-to place for everyone.

Public bathhouses are never hard to find in Korea. Jjimjilbang is very commonplace to rest and relax. It is super comfortable and affordable that you can even take a nice shower and stay overnight.

For first-timers, it might be a little bit intimidating since you are going to share some space with the locals, but rest assured that it is a very nice experience even to foreigners.

At the front desk, you will get a bracelet with your locker key. Don’t lose this bracelet since it will serve as access to the amenities inside and to open and lock your locker. The front desk will also give you some comfy clothes you can change into. You will wear something like this:

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After going inside, all you will use/buy will be a cashless transaction. Everything will be charged on the bracelet that you will pay it before you leave the building. The price differs from the time and day you will check-in. Of course, it is cheaper on a regular weekday (day time) compared to weekends. Price ranges around 10,000 won to 14,000 won for the first 12 hours.

The first thing to do is enjoy a nice shower, and change to the comfy clothes given earlier. From there you can decide on what you want to do like the hot sauna, cold sauna, bathtub, massages, eat and more. We will give you a glimpse of each experience.

Usually, the basement is where all the soaking, scrubbing, and washing happens. So expect to see pools, steam rooms, mud tubs, and hot tubs. All are good for your skin! so make sure to soak in the tub. You can avail of a whole-body scrub here to remove all your dead skin. Koreans really love taking care of themselves especially their skin. They go to jjimjilbang occasionally an some people even go here every week. Maybe this is one of their secrets to very good skin?

Jjimjilbang is very big and it usually has a lot of different kinds of rooms. The walls of some room are made of crystals or white stones that help in keeping the temperature high. Try to explore it all and have a full experience. There is even a cold sauna room in some jjimjilbang.

if you are hungry, there is a restaurant available in the building. It has a full menu and they have almost everything including rice and side dishes. A must-try snack combination is Sikhye, Korean rice drink, and some boiled eggs.

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and when you are tired, you can rest in the main hall or simply sleep in this cave-like small space for some privacy.

Make sure to dip your feet in the stones to relax your muscles from walking. Do it like this:

If ever you go to Korea, don’t miss this experience!

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