June 6: Hyeongchung Il in South Korea

Today, June 6, is 현충일 (Memorial Day) in South Korea. Koreans dedicate this day to commemorate the fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives during the Korean War.

70 years ago, the war between North and South Korea began on June 25th, 1950, and lasted for three years. The North attempted to invade South Korea to unite the two countries into one Korea. It is estimated that more than 600,000 South Korean soldiers and civilians have died in this war. The Korean War is called the 육이오 전쟁 or the 6/25 war, June 6 was later declared the official memorial holiday and June as the Month of Defense of Korea.

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During this holiday, a lot of people gather in Seoul National Cemetery( 국립서울현충원) located in Dongjakgu, Seoul. It is South Korea’s only national cemetery and is dedicated to all people who dedicated their lives for the country. At exactly 10 in the morning, a siren will ring all over South Korea to honor veterans and dedicate a silent prayer to mourn.

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All South Korean flags will be lowered to half and all vehicles on the main roads will stop for one minute for the moment of silence.

But this year the ceremony was held in Daejeon due to the COVID-19. President Moon promised to repay more of all the sacrifices and devotion by giving more security to a stronger national defense. Korea’s freedom today will not be possible without the fallen heroes.

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