Black Desert Mobile: Top Korean Mobile Game

Imagine playing your favorite celebrities in a fantasy gaming world. Play with elements and be a competitive gamer in one of the most popular mobile games in Korea, Black Desert, that is both available on PC and mobile. Aside from avid gamers, it is also gaining attention to kpop and kdrama fans because it can let you recreate characters that look like your favorite celebrities!

Gaming Culture in Korea

Gaming in Korea is very popular in Korea. Because of their culture, they often engage in social or competitive games in mobile and PC games. It is so popular that more than half of the Korean population plays either in their phones or in PC bangs (rooms). This is why there are a lot of PC Bangs in every corner of Seoul and become a major player in the gaming industry. Gaming industry is so active and Korea and there are a lot of big developers and companies that create the best games. But today we will talk about Black Desert Mobile that is taking over in Korea’s

 Black Desert ( 검은사막 )

Black Desert was first released as a Korean MMORPG online PC game that extended to mobile gaming. It creates a very realistic character that you can set up on your own and enjoy great quests. The best thing in this game is you can customize the character, even their faces, just like sims. You can change everything including their hair, eyes, face shape, body size, and more.

Watch here how this gamer made a Jennie inspired Black Desert Character:

If you are not great or too lazy to customize your own character, you can also download pre-made characters. Aside from the characters, the game is highly praised for its superb graphics. You will get to play with spells and abilities that have really good animations.

At the very start of the game, after choosing a server, you will be lead to the character creation screen. You can choose between six classes that have a very unique and distinct playstyle. You can choose to play as a Warrior, Ranger, Witch, Giant, Valkyrie, or Sorceress.

And just like any other MMORPGs, you will get to meet and interact with other players. Have fun playing together, make some friends internationally, and even form or join a guild.

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