Shindong’s Variety Show is Under Fire Because of Oh My Girl

A new K-idol Variety show hosted by Superjunior’s Shindong was heavily criticized in their recent episode because of some inappropriate comments from the host and the idol group guest.

SBS K-Pop variety talk program, Shindong gayo, is another segment where Shindong will get to interview and play with idol groups after performing in their Inkigayo stages.

The episode with OH MY GIRL was premiered yesterday on SBS Kpop Youtube Channel and fans are reacting negatively on this episode. On one scene, OH MY GIRL is playing charades and had to describe ‘Shindong’ through body movements.

Hyojung made a huge gesture indicating a ‘fat body’ to pinpoint Shindong. Fans claimed this is considered as body shamming and also insensitive since Shindong made a huge effort in losing weight these past few years.

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Shindong is open about how he struggled in maintaining his weight even with a strict diet. It took him a lot of effort to lose about 40 kg naturally and Hyojung referring to him as with a fat body is not doing it justice.

In another segment of the show, where they will eat like a commercial model, they raised eyebrows on how they presented eating a burrito. Fans were disappointed in Seunghee’s version of a Mexican because it was a kind of racism while the others laughed. It also gave a bad shade to Shindong because he was encouraging the act to give more laughs to the audience.

The scenes were immediately cut off and SBS apologized it.

“Thank you all for watching Shindong Gayo- OH MY GIRL and sincerely thank you always for loving this show. But we’ve got to know this video can be hurt to some people especially to international viewers and ‘Miracles’. Seunghee’s CF imitation will be cut in this video. (and we’re sure that she will agree about that edit) She has never intended any kind of racism, and we staffs are not either. Anyway we’re very sorry about your disappointment, and we decided to cut that scene immediately. Thank you.’

Fans also demanded an apology from the girls to apologize in fat shamming Shindong to spread awareness that that behavior should not be tolerated.

What do you think about this issue?

Watch here the full cut episode:

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