#kpopstansareoverparty is Trending in Twitter Because of Toxic Fans

Once again #kpopstansareoverparty hashtag is all over twitter again. This hashtag was a counter-attack after some accounts, mostly kpop stans, tried to take down other artists by digging their past and ‘canceling’ them. This gives a negative image to kpop fans who are overly obsessed with keeping only their idols in the spotlight. What is happening? 

The cancel culture of #[insert name]isoverparty on Twitter has been in the spotlight and is popping every now and then. Last year, they tried to take down Shawn Mendez because of his old racist tweets. Most of the accounts giving hate comments have kpop related photos or usernames. It gives a bad image to Kpop fans as ‘rude’, and ‘childish’ spamming fancams on replies.

Despite the effort for calling out the kpop fans to stop, the over party resurfaces almost every month to attack different international artists. In the past few months, some famous names from Demi Lovato, Cole Sprouse, Shawn Mendez,  and Tom Holland. 

 About last month around April,  there was a trend to Rich Brian over a party with the same agenda. It is not known why they keep spreading hate. Rich Brian is a rapper from Indonesia who had collaborated with Chungha and former Exo member Kris Wu. And one trend can be seen, Most of the haters making absurd comments have kpop related accounts.

Reply sections of some celeb tweets are spammed with fancams and were flooded with unrelated Kpop contents. They forcibly feed you with ” stan ____” or “maybe if you stanned X group,” that ignores the original tweet just to promote their K-pop idols.  This was seen as rude because they do not give respect the other artists. 

Karl on Twitter: "My day is actually fucking ruined, i though like ...

But what triggered most this week is how some fans were shocked by Joji’s last song in his former project as Pink guy. His identity in his late Youtube Channel The TV Filthy Frank was actually not a secret and it has millions of subscribers. 

One tweet started the fire after @jinsolbi ‘rediscovered’ that the ‘Slow in the dark’ and ‘Gimme Love’ singer used to be a disgusting character. They were shocked by how Joji had an offensive behavior with obscene and racist comments years ago from his personas Pink guy and Frank. It backlashed hardly to them because it was actually the point of the show. This resulted in a #JojiIsOverParty meme fest protecting Joji and calling out Kpop fans one again.

jojiisoverparty hashtag on Twitter

It was so ridiculous that fans started a trend of  #kpopstansareoverparty. They share their sentiments on how these rude kpop fans can be over the top just to give their idols the light. This controversy is still ongoing and the behavior of a few reflects poorly in the whole Kpop fandom. 

Let’s not spread hate and stan whoever you love without hurting other artists. Enjoy Joji & Jackson’s collab here:


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