Where to Study Free Korean Language Courses This Quarantine

Brush up your Korean Language skills while on quarantine. There are a lot of sources that are giving free courses if you want to learn how to read and speak Korean. It is actually easy to learn hangul. You can read and write just after some hours of studying. So why not level it up these coming weeks to say more than just ‘annyeonghaseyo’ and ‘kamsahamnida’?

 First Step Korean – Yonsei University

This is a good place to start learning. You can learn how to read, write, speak, and understand Hangul. It has graded quizzes so you can assess yourself and strive to learn more. This course is offered by Yonsei University, one of the SKY universities, and is one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea.

Learn to Speak Korean 1- Yonsei University

If you want to level up your speaking skills, here is a good next step. It teaches you how to engage in daily conversations. It provides letter notes, quizzes, and dialogues to guide you. After this course, you will be able to have a real Korean conversation.

Talk to me in Korean (TTMIK)

TTMIK offers free beginner levels and intermediate levels. They provide fun ways to learn the language. TTMIK also has a podcast and YouTube Channels to get you by. TTMIK has the best support since they answer your questions if you are confused with some Korean grammar. 

The Cyber University of Korea (CUK)

Their courses are designed to teach you Korean step by step until you reach Level 4. CUK is best for those who want to go beyond the basic level. They also provide free certificates to those who will finish and pass the program. 

Online Intermediate College Korean

This course is for students who have completed Beginner  Korean or have an equivalent proficiency to Elementary Korean. It helps you expand your vocabulary, and learn in-depth of the language with essays, dialogues, and more. It also gives on-point patterns and grammar notes. 

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