Remember 0416: Sewol Ferry Disaster

Six years ago, on this day, the most painful disaster happened in the seacoast of the South Korea peninsula. The whole nation is still grieving for the loss of about 300 passengers and families still haven’t got justice from the neglected duty to save passengers.

On April 16, 2014, a supposed to be fun school trip turned into a disaster. There were 325 students on board with a total of 500 passengers. There were 304 reported deaths and about 250 students were from Danwon High School.

Chats messages and mobile phone video footages from the students surfaced. It was clearly seen that the students were able to report it on time but were neglected. The captain instructed passengers to stay put and standby for help but no one came. They insisted to stay on the cabins because it would be dangerous to move until it began to sank at 8:49 AM. The captain told some passengers to evacuate the ferry. not everyone was informed and still waited inside their cabins.

Families are angry toward the Coast Guard didn’t respond despite the students’ report. Fishing boats and commercial boats first responded, 40 minutes before the coast guards arrived. For months, civilian Divers came to assist in retrieving bodies and belongings of victims.

It was clear that the coast guards and the captain neglected their duty. It took about two hours for the ferry to sink but no immediate rescue operation was done. Only the captain and three crew members were punished. It was reported that 11 crew members abandoned the ship.

Songs ‘The Light’ by the Ark, ‘One of these Nights’ by Red Velvet, ‘Spring Day’ by BTS, ‘Ribbon in the sky’ by BAP, and many more were a tribute to the fallen students.

Never forget 0416. Watch here for more details:

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