Reasons Why To Watch Itaewon Class

Have you already watched ‘Itaewon Class’?If not, we will give you reasons to get your devices and start watching now. Why is it worth your time? Aside from Park Seojoon, here are other reasons that will get you hooked in this drama. 

Itaewon (이태원) is a known place in Seoul where you will find a great nightlife full of bars and restaurants. In this street, Park Saeyori establishes its own beliefs and values despite the consequences of living in a crowded world.

The DanBam crew will give you fresh characters and insights. If you are tired of watching cliche characters and storylines, the Itaewon class won’t disappoint you. The characters have their own unique stories yet relatable to everyone.

Fearless Female Characters

Strong and independent girls are leading the way. There are a lot of Queens in the Itaewon class. They feature the quick-witted Yiseo, passionate Yeonyi, charismatic Sooah, and confident Kang Minjung. 

Real Issues

Life is not the same for everyone. Each person has their own struggles that many people are actually going through. Like how unfair people treat ex-convicts, transgender, and people from different countries. The DanBam crew will give you social awareness in relevant life issues and lessons in this ‘cruel’ world.


Despite their own struggles, the Danbam crew always find themselves smiling with the crew. Not everyone can give second chances but Park Seroyi gives it to everyone, whether they deserve it or not. The true friendship brightly shines in this drama that you’ll actually root for. 

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