Character Slangs in Kdramas

amusing characters. Get to know how to call some characters in Korean that are commonly seen in Korean dramas.

재벌 /Jae-bol/ Extremely Rich People

Jae-bol is also known as chaebol are not just rich people. They are heirs of  a family-run big company in Korea. They are commonly portrayed as a CEO and have very high influence in the government and private sectors. Samples of chaebol are in Crash landing in You Yoo Seri, The F4 in Boys Over Flowers, and Yoo Jung in Cheese in the Trap. In dramas, they tend to use their power and money to stir the story and win hearts. 

자기애 /ja-gi-ae/ or Narcissism

This complex love for self is usually seen in people who are having trouble in appreciating others. They often see all the good things in them (mostly too much) and only see the bad in others.  Once they meet their other half, they start to get soft and get adorably sweet. Some known narcissist characters are the Young Joon in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Lee Yul / Wondeuk in 100 Days My Prince, and Jojo’s cousin in Love Alarm.

냉미남 /naeng-mi-nam/ Cold-hearted but Handsome man

This expression is used in characters who are extremely handsome but have a cold heart. They don’t appreciate others. They are often misunderstood because they find it difficult to express themselves. Notable characters like Seungjo in Mischievous Kiss, Kyungseok in My ID is Gangnam Beauty, and Dongchan in Melting Me Softly.

공주병 /Gongjubyeong/, Princess Disease, or 왕자병 /Wangjabyeong/ for Prince Disease

This syndrome is when people feel that they are superior because of their money or fame. Other people who suffer from Gongjubyeong or wangjabyeong are often spoiled or wanted to be pampered. They like to be treated like princesses or princes. You can see this in characters like Kim Tan in the Heirs, Youngjae from Full House, and Songyi in My Love From The Star.

There are still a lot of slangs like for handsome and well-mannered guy or 훈남 (hunnam), smart and attractive guy or 뇌섹남 (noeseknam), 4D and somehow weird or 사차원 (sachawon), and more.

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