Korean Chopsticks

What makes Korean chopsticks different to other chopsticks? In other countries chopsticks are made out of wood or bamboo but in Korea, chopsticks were traditionally made of iron but now mostly in of stainless steel.

Chopsticks in Korea is called 젓가락 (jeotgarak). The main point of korean chopsticks is hat it istypically flat thinner, heavier and slipperier than other styles. For first-time users often struggle to get the right grip, since they’re a bit slippery.

In the early times, pure silver chopsticks were only used by the king because silver would react and change color if it touches poison in the King’s food. The idea of using metal chopsticks was the common people’s way of being like the king.

Koreans have disposable wooden chopsticks too (especially for takeout food), but most Koreans prefer suing stainless steel ones. Koreans does not use your chopsticks to eat rice, only to pick up a side dish.

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