The Dark Story of Jeju

Jeju is a famous tourist island in Korea. It has a lot of natural wonders, with waterfalls, pristine white sand and a magnificent view of the volcano. But this paradise actually holds a dark past. Know it below.

Before you hear the dark story 70 years ago, let’s get to know Jeju’s history first. Fewer tourists can be seen here on the island. This island that is located at the southwest tip of mainland South Korea was believed to be fond of three demigods. Eventually, the Goryeo dynasty took over Jeju, but in 1273 Mongol invaders conquered the island.

The Mongols highly influenced the locals of Jeju and teach them horsemanship and quirks in the local dialect. This explains why the culture in Jeju is unique and their dialect has a strong accent and sometimes cannot be understood by other Koreans. And during the Joseon period, Jeju island was used as a place of political and religious exile to execute criminals

And the darkest story behind Jeju happened on April 3rd where 30,000 locals were massacred from 1947 to 1954. The “April 3 Incedent/4·3 incident” will be forever remembered as heroes fought for freedom from Japan.

In 2018, Jeju locals still demanded to get US apology for the April 3 massacre and this still remains as one of the most unfortunate events in Korea.

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