Crash Landing On You Is Only 60% Accurate about North Korea

Of course, the drama is not actually shot in North Korea. It is not allowed. All locations in the drama were set based on North Korean descriptions. Get to know which are true and not below.

Crash Landing On You captivates viewers for the story developing between a North Korean Soldier and a South Korean Chaebol. No one knows what is really happening in the North because they are a highly closed country. One Youtuber, Kang Nara, also a North Korean defector reviewed which in the famous drama accurately reflects her home town and which are not.

I got to help them out last summer. They came to interview me at a cafe. It’s a well-made show… I would say about 60% of how North Korea is portrayed in the show is actually accurate.” Kang Nara said in CLAB YouTube Channel.

She stated that the resemblance in North Korean Residence is quite done well like the eating scenes, kimchi cave, and home inspections. Other details like soldier uniforms are quite accurate too. She loves how the drama highlights their customs such as tying your hair is socially unacceptable which is called sasseukke.

And the curtains… The richer families in North Korea like to show off their wealth by adding lace curtains to their windows. So that was pretty well portrayed… And the kimchi cave! Since rural North Korea doesn’t get electricity, they don’t have refrigerators. They have kimchi caves where they store kimchi and that was also recreated well.” She added.

She also commended how Pyo Chisu, the captain’s loyal soldier, hits accurately the North Korean dialect.

What really was off was the sophisticated fashion presented in the drama. In the North, no one really wears trench coats and boots that they wore are not allowed. They have special boots that they only can wear which is called walenkki. And if not, you will be pulled to inspection.

Watch another review here with English CC:

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