Korean Slangs: Relationship

남사친 /nam-sa-chin/

A guy who is ‘just a friend’. 남 (nam) is short for 남자 (namja), meaning “man”. 사 (sa) is short for 사람 (saram), meaning “person” and 친 (chin) is short for 친구 (chingu), meaning friend.

남친  /nam-chin/, 여친 /yeo-chin/

short term for 남자 친구 (namja chingu) Boyfriend
여자 친구(yeoja chingu) girlfriend

모쏠 /mo-ssol/

Short term for 모태솔로 (motae sollo) which refers to someone who has never experienced dating or been into a relationship

썸 /sseom/

That special “something” between two people who are not in a relationship but have feelings for one another.

밀당 /mil-dang/

This is a dating strategy where sometimes you give and sometimes you hold back in a relationship

금사빠 /geum-sa-ppa/

From 금방 사랑에 빠지는 사람 (geumbang sarange ppajineun saram), this term is used to describe a person who easily falls in love.

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