Gumiho: Legend of the Nine-Tailed  Fox

What is a Gumiho? Gumiho(구미호) is a Korean legend about a legendary fox with nine tails. A lot of beliefs are written even before the three Kingdoms era. Know more about it below.

Gu(구) means nine. So it’s easy to remember that it has 9 tails. It shares similar characteristics to the Chinese huli jing and Japananese kitsune, one major difference is in China and Japan Gumiho can be a man or a woman.

The difference is that Gumiho in Korea is depicted as being malicious and is a purely evil creature. According to legend, foxes that lived thousands of years turned into a gumiho. Their supernatural ability is to transform into a beautiful human.

In their human form, they are extremely pretty so that they can seduce men and eat their livers and hearts. It targets most of the travelers in the mountains especially at night to eat them alive.

There are many legends about Gumihos in becoming human. Gumihos must either eat the heart/livers of 100 men.

Another story is that they should marry a man but without him discovering that she is a Gumiho for 100 days.

Some said that even in human form they still have some foxy features like fox ears and it hid its tails under the dress.

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