Mugunghwa: The National Flower of South Korea

Mugunghwa is the national flower of Korea. Its English name is “Rose of Sharon”. It blooms in red, white, pink or purple with a bright red center. Koreans have loved this flower for a long time and their history proves it.

The Silla Kingdom used to call itself “geunhwahyang” meaning the country of mugunghwa.

Also, Mugunghwa played an important role when Korea was colonized by Japan. It became the symbol of the Korean spirit. The Japanese tried to kill all the flowers in the country but it still survived.

That’s why Korea even has a Mugunghwa festival. they celebrate it every August 8th. This is because the number 8 looks ∞, and ‘Mugung’ means ‘infinite’ in Chinese Character.

Watch here what happens at the festival:

and was used as South Korea’s metaphor in their national anthem (애국가)

무궁화 삼천리 화려강산대한 사

( Roses of Sharon(Mugunghwa) and three thousand Ri full of splendid mountains and rivers)

Listen to South Korea’s National Anthem here:

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