Empress Ki: The Korean Mongol Empress

Although the Kdrama Empress Ki was a success, historians opposed to it. Why? Because the real Empress Ki written in history has a bad reputation in Korea. She was considered to be a traitor, who abandoned her own country. Know the details below.

The drama starring Ha Jiwon and Ji Changwook was dramatized from the real history between Mongol and Korea. Empress Ki was raised and born as Ki Hwanghu (기황후) in Goryeo(Korea). Not much is known of her life before she was sent to Mongol as a tribute, so most of the story of her life in the drama is fictionalized. But it is true that she was forced to leave her country. There was a treaty between two countries that Goryeo should give their women to the Mongol empire to serve as a slave or as a concubine.

Ki was sent to serve Toghon Temur the Mongol’s Emperor, a descendant of Genghis Khan of the Yuan dynasty. And because she was so beautiful and had many artistic talents, the emperor was immediately attracted to Ki.

The emperor’s wife, Tanashiri, did not like Ki and wanted to get rid of Lady Ki but failed. Fortunately for Ki, Tanashiri’s reign did not last. The empress was forced to drink poison after a failed rebellion by her family.

The emperor remarried another Mongol because it is only ideal to have a pureblood Mongol as an empress. But he loved Ki enough that she was promoted to Second Imperial Consort. and reigned as an unofficial empress.

However, her family’s promotion caused resentment in the Goryeo court. Empress Ki. It was written in books that she gave wealth to her family and paved way more to the Mongols than Goryeo. Even though she has a Korean Blood, she led an invasion as a Mongol Empress.

Empress Ki & Toghon Temur lost power from a rebellion. They both fled away from Mongolia. No one knew what happened after their fall.

Up until this date, Empress Ki’s death is still a mystery

Watch the drama’s trailer below:

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