Kpop Cameos on USA TV & Film

After being known all over the world, Kpop stars are now being invited to be guests and cameos in western films and series. Watching them being recognized by all is one of our favorites. Watch it all below.

“The Bachelor” x 2NE1

This show is a dating reality show. 2ne1 personally taught the female contestants to their “I Am The Best” choreography.

“America’s Next Top Model” x BTOB

Btob was a special guest in ANTM and taught the models their “Beep Beep” choreography. They also became honorary judges.

“Family Guy” x SISTAR,HyunA, and more

The animated sitcom, Family Guy, had a Korea-centered episode. In the cast TV, ‘Touch my body’ was playing and did a ‘Buble pop’ parody.

“NCIS: New Orleans” x NCT Dream

During a scene in NCIS, agents asked who’s best between Renjun, Jeno, and Chenle, and the student said “None of them. It’s Mark, obviously.”

“The Simpsons” x BTS

The Simpsons cast went a trip to Korea and walked past by signs: “BTS here today!” while a second sign says, “Recruitment center for BTS ARMY.”

“We Bare Bears” x MONSTA X

Panda is an avid fan of Monsta X. He even introduced the boys one by one to Grizzy and Ice Bear. And in this episode, the 3 bears meet Monsta X and made a ‘music video’

“Lucifer” x Shinee

The TV show Lucifer had a great fighting scene and played ‘Lucifer’ by Shinee.

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