Inspirational & Emotional Stories of K stars

Being a Kstar is not that easy. You had to attend a lot of auditions and may be rejected a lot of times. Some can be really harsh, especially when they were criticized with their visuals and talent. Here are some hardships that Kstars had been through.


IU did not skyrocket as a K-idol on the first go. She auditioned in a lot of agencies but she was not accepted. She tried out numerous times at JYP Entertainment and other agencies but was turned down each time. She did not lose hope and finally debuted with Loen Entertainment. Now, she is one of the most famous singers in Korea who is loved by a lot of people, even idols.

Seo Inguk

Seo Inguk once was criticized by his looks in an initial audition at an agency. He became obsessed about losing weight after. He trained harder before and auditioned for Superstar K. Because of his talent and determination, he won the show. He is known now as a great singer and actor. He also receives a lot of love and considered to be one of the most handsome K stars.

Park Sunho

Park Sunho is a rising actor and is gaining a lot of attention because of his acting skills. But his real dream was to be a K-idol. He was a trainee in Starship even before Soyu. Unfortunately, he was rejected numerous times and failed to debut, and only see his co-trainees debut. He surprised everyone in joining in Produce 101. He shared that this was his dream, to dance and sing on the stage, and will not give up to the very end.


JOO is known for being a famous solo ballad singer. However, she was a trainee to debut with Wondergirls before (along with HyunA), but did not make it. She auditioned in The Uni+ and Hyuna went emotional to see her. She revealed that she had dreamed of becoming an idol, but ended as a ballad singer.

She is now happily married. She is also the sister of BtoB’s Ilhoon. Her latest single was “Late in the morning”

A lot of idols actually was rejected before debuting. Great names like CL, Hani, Jhope, Park Bom, Yoon Doojoon, Xiumin, and so on. Seeing them not give up will surely inspire you.

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