Struggles of Being an International Kpop Fan

For almost all international fans, you have those moments that you secretly wish that you live in the same country as your oppa(오빠) or eonnie(언니). Being a fan was never easy. What more if you live oceans apart? Here are some confessions that every international fan would relate to.

More Expensive because of Shipping Fee

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor, possible text that says 'EE K-MERCH #1 ALBUMS "The "The real real struggle is when your favorite group released 8 versions of the same album plus the shipping fee(SF). I hate paying for SF.' Going inset Ding'

To international fans, they need to pre-order albums and will wait for a month for it to arrive in their country. Imagine if you live in Korea and you just buy the albums after its release.

Collecting Photocards

Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'K-MERCH #2 Phone PHOTOCARDS 031 085 "I want to collect all the photocards (PCs) but how can 6888A4 collect all of them if my bias released 105 PCs?" 101'

You will get one photocard per album RANDOMLY. Even if you buy a lot of albums, there is no guarantee that you will get all the versions. Plus, it is different to trade because your fan base is very far from you. So other fans buy them separately to collect them.

Lightstick just in case they have a concert in your country.

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Lightstick is a must. seeing the fandom’s official color in the concert will make your idols’ heart flutter. And they might come back if they see this!

SOLD OUT TICKETS is not fun. No money inside my wallet is not fun!

Image may contain: possible text that says 'CONCERT "Have you tried camping outside the the ticket booth? or hit refresh minutes before the the tickets were released? (and get the the seat you wanted) Been there done that.'

And because kpop groups are from Korea, concerts tend to be more expensive. In Korea, solo concerts cost about 110,000 won or about $110 dollars and that is already a VIP Standing! In other countries, it would cost about $250

Dreaming of going to South Korea

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing, possible text that says 'A THISTERIESSOUT VISIT KOREA "Every fan's dream. want to buy all the merch try authentio foods, see a snow or the the cherry blossoms, there's there'sa a lot in mind why fans want to go''

Experiencing Korea yourself is a one true dream for kpop fans. You would like to try your bias’ favorite food, visit their company, or go to cafes owned by kstar. There are tons of things you would like to do if you are a fan. Maybe meet them in the street or you take the subway. Who knows?

But will still watch it even its without subtitle!

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, possible text that says 'LEARN KOREAN LANGUAGE "I want to watch live live stream shows shows and understand what they're saying.''

You would need to learn Korean if you want to communicate fully with your kpop group. It is a struggle to always wait for a subtitle. Plus, you will not understand what their caption on Instagram is about. And google translator is not always accurate.

What are your other struggles as an international kpop fan? Share your story below.

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