BTS Jungkook Involved in a Minor Car Collision

BigHit release a statement earlier this week about BTS youngest member Jeon Jungkook being involved in a car accident.

Many fans all over the world cannot believed their reading something like this from BTS Entertainment. Big Hit explained that Jeon Jungkook involved in a minor accident but they cannot share more details but states that Jeon Jungkook, while driving his car had a minor collision with another vehicle due to his own mistake.

They also added that fans don’t need to be worry as both parties didnt have any major injuries. Fans of BTS or the BTS ARMYS were very thankful because both Jungkook and the driver of the other vehicle where not harmed in the said minor collision.

Big Hit Entertainment said that Jungkook admitted that he violated the Road Traffic Act after the accident and settled with the driver after the accident. After this Official statement from Big Hit Entertainment, all medias and news outlet in Korea and Internationally throws Breaking News and Big Headlines making it sound that Jungkook is involved in a Big Accident or Jungkook comitted a big crime but it was just a minor collision.

They make it sound big just because BTS is really famous and known worldwide so they can use it as clickbait or gain clout.

When actually, it is just a ‘Fender Bender’ which is a term for a minor collision between vehicles or a low speed accident that involves a cars fender or bumper.

Traffic laws like this were just as simple as not wearing a seatbelt when driving so not a big deal really.

BTS also hadn’t had any issue like this before so some of their haters used this issue of Jungkook to make him feel guilty and bashed BTS.

They thought that this issue will make BTS down but its really not. Haters were caught using fake images of the accident, spreading fake news and misinformation just to gain clout. There are no official photo or video release of the said accident so the BTS ARMYs where encouraging everyone to not spread anything only the statement from Big Hit Entertainment.

BTS ARMY shows support to Jungkook by explaining that it is just a small accident and a minor issue specially to road everyday that doesnt need to be a big deal. It always happens everywhere. It is just BTS Jungkook who is involved that’s why they make it look really controversial.

BTS and Jungkook is just a human too who can create simple mistakes like other ordinary people. They where just happy and proud to see Jungkook admitted his own mistakes and take responsibility to his mistakes unlike other people who denies and don’t admit to their faults.

Even from the police, Jungkook is really cooperative in the investigation and undergo in the Drunk Driving test and results where NOT. He is not drunk during the incident. It is really settled with the driver but Jungkook needs to be book or summoned first because its the normal procedure.
Booked means Jungkook will be summoned just to inform the consequences of the said mistake by receiving community service or paying for a fine so after that it will be settled and close. End of the case.

So after you read this article, I really hope you learn a lot about the issue. So whats your thought about Jungkook? Are the media and news outlet really
make it a big issue considering he is a famous celebrity? Have anyone of you experience the same or tour friends or family? Comment down below!

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