Korean celebrities TOP 3 who has been misrecognized as an unscrupulous criminal

There are various types of crime suspects, such as fraud, gambling, drunk driving, and sex crimes, which decorate the social side of the newspaper, not the dating side. Today, let’s look at Celebrity TOP 3, who has been Unfairly Misrecognized and hardly seen in the broadcast these days.


Kim Jung-min, who was active as a variety of entertainment programs MC and a panel. Son Tae-young who is representative of Korea’s famous coffee shop, he said that when he gave money to Kim Jung-min , he was well contacted but after he didn’t give money, he can’t contact her well.

The company treated Kim Jong-min a gold digger, saying that he spent more than 2 millionn dollars on Kim Jong-min for a year and five months. At the same time, he said that if he didn’t return 1 million USD, he would sue him
Kim Jong-min defended about this issues, but public opinion seems to be not on her side.

But there was a reversal. Sohn Tae-young immediately canceled the lawsuit after disclosure text message sent to Kim Jung-min and the threatening circumstances were revealed one by one.

Kim Jung-min, who was able to solve the injustice after a long lawsuit, but her image has been already lost, and many people still know that Kim Jong-min is a gold digger. In fact, Kim Jung-min has not appeared on TV since 2017.


Argentinan model and actor Marco in Korea, who appeared as rising star, was appeared Korean entertainment industry in the 2000s.

But in 2011, he married professional golfer Ahn Si-hyun, and the broadcasting activities were slowed down. In 2013, Marco suddenly became guilty of assault to his wife. after that The public’s criticism against Marcos has increased.

At the moment, his wife, Ahn Si-hyun, said that there was a minor argument, but there was no violence. Even though there were no assault Marco didn’t explain well, because his Korean language was poor at the time, so he didn’t explain much about the incident and he was afraid of damage to his wife and daughter. Marco wasn’t a person who actually to be blamed


Singer Bobby Kim, who became a hit with a variety of emotional ballads such as the one who loves whale dreams with his unique tone and vocal skills, was caught up in the Inflight incident in 2015. Bobby Kim, who boarded a flight to San Francisco at Korean Air, was not only drunk in the cabin, but also harassed the crew and improperly pronounced.

As soon as he arrived in the United States, he was investigated by fbi and returned to South Korea for a trial. Bobby Kim eventually paid 4 million KRW for fine and he also should be taken sexual violence treatment program for violating the Aviation Security Act and forcing assault.

But the truth, which was later revealed, was so different from what people knew: Bobby Kim, who bought an airplane ticket as Business Class but There where issued an economy ticket because of an airline employee who was confused with the name of the plane’s passenger, at the time, Bobby kim double checked the ticketing desk. His ticket was business class but he didn’t accept

When the departure time was imminent, Bobby Kim asked a flight attendent to confirm and move.

Of course, there was no business seat for Bobbikim to sit, and even the crew moved a female passenger to the business seat not bobby kim. Sitting in the economy seat, Bobby Kim, who saw it, asked for the flight attendent to move his seat, but the crew refused.In the end, Barbie Kim, who had endured her endurance, was drunk and angry at the edge of her head.

Of course, Bobby Kim didn’t do well, but who could endure the economy class if he made a few million fare more for the business class and got the economy seat accidentally?

I think the public tends to have more impressive memories of negative news Even though it’s not true. So we need to be more careful before we blame the entertainers.Because that may not be true.

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