Korea Reality TV shows that are actually scripted?

Beginning with Infinite Challenge and two nights and one night, was changed to Broadcast environment in Korea. They brought the age of the Reality Show, those show get the fun of the situation without any additional practice or script.

But it’s not easy to burst into laughter when they’re shooting every time. That’s why they start to manipulate broadcast with a fake situation.

It’s a lot different from Reality show’s initial intention. Nowadays they’re called FAKE SHOW Let’s look at the TOP 4 KOREAN TV SHOW known as FAKE TV show.


Running Man is still a popular TV program in Korea, but is it not easy to attract viewers with similar formats every time? So, Running Man is also suspected of fake broadcasting.

TV show saying they are locked in a certain place “for 10 hours”, but it doesn’t make much difference in cell phone time.

Also, In mud flat wrestling, it is said to be a single game but Song Ji Hyo’s pants were already mud in his starting game. They appear to have been shot several times to produce interesting scenes.


To share the worries of the Korean people The talk show “Hello” has been on air for 10 years. This show is also revealing a problem during the contents depletion earlier.

The story of a husband who enjoys driving wildly even with his pregnant wife and two children is known. The one who applied for the story was his wife, she said, “My husband runs a car with me with two children at 140 km / h.” When she asked her husband to go slowly, he stops suddenly or stops at the red light as if he is angry.

But There were netizens pointing out that the husband’s younger sister was introduced in the same story last week. According to broadcasters “There is no suspicion of manipulation broadcast raised by some viewers.”
Nevertheless, many of these suspected circumstances have been raised.


A real man, it is also considered as fake TV show.

She is aiming a gun at a high class person. This is impossible in the real army.

Also, Henry was the fastest man to solve a difficult math problem that no other soldier could solve in the real man broadcast. A soldier who appeared in the “ Real Man ” with Henry, he wrote, “Henry is not one who solve the problem at the moment”

People who were at the real men’s filming scenes are saying that the broadcasts of real men are mostly fake. In fact, the Korean Internet community calls the real man a fake man.


The law of the jungle is also a problem consistently due to broadcast manipulation. Too many things have already been exposed to manipulation.

The people who introduced you as primitive tribes are actually actors
They introduced places that are famous tourist sites as dangerous places.

For the sake of fun and safety, some situations can be understood by the viewers, but it is enough to be criticized the viewers for promoting it is a real show while all the applicants are acting in the manipulated situation.

We know it’s hard to make dramatic situations every time when they shoot, but, the lies of the production deceiving the viewer will have to be fixed.

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