How to make a Korean boyfriend?

Hi guys.This is KOREAN-BOT who is from Seoul, Korea.Let’s talk about How To Make A Korean Boyfriend RIGHT NOW!

This post could be very personal ideas from my experience. Make sure that there’re lots of exceptional situations.



If you keep saying “OPPA”
Does it really help for having a Korean BF?

Of course not.

 I saw news article about dating with Korean. Saying “OPPA” makes you cute.

It’s not true.

As you know, OPPA means it is just calling some older brother, nothing more than that. Probably, you heard of OPPA on K-drama in some romantic situation. So you might imagine that you can use OPPA for some special guy to you. But, that is not true.It won’t really work.

Let me give you an example.

When you call your mom or dad, do you think it make your parents heart flutter? 
Of course not! Saying OPPA to Korean guy is also the same thing.


2. Need to learn Korean language?

If you want to have a Korean boyfriend. The idea of ​​knowing Korean is sometimes good sometimes not necessary. So the answer is half correct half wrong.

In my experience, when I meet  foreign gir friends, those don’t speak Korean at all. And how do we communicate with each other? Our conversation was in English even if we don’t speak fluently.

As you know, there must be a common language in which both of you can
communicate with. Korean is not essential. What you need is just common language you can communicate.


3. Play hot and cold


Korean men seem like to enjoy tug of war with their girlfriends. Some people think it is necessary in a relationship not to get bored easily. 

But, you also need to consider about side effect.

For example, I sent message through Kakaotok, but you reply me late, in other case, I give you a phonecall, but you didn’t answer the phone on purpose.

From a man’s perspective, they might think in a wrong way.

“What happened to her?”
“Does she feel upset from me?”
“Doesn’t she like me anymore?”

Playing hot and cold may cause very misleading. So, I personally don’t recommend those kinda way to keep relationship.

If he get it wrong, it can cause disbelief between you guys.

4. My conclusion

I’ve been also met girlfriends from different countries.They have different language and different cultures respectively.

Actually, it doesn’t matter what country they’re from. It doesn’t matter what kinda language they can speak. The only matter is whether we have good feelings between us. It was not much different from making a Korean girlfriend.

Likewise, if you want to have a Korean boyfriend, it’s not much different from making a non-Korean boyfriend. So, do not think about there is the other way to have a Korean boyfriend. It doesn’t.

So, what is my conclusion?

There’s no special way to make a Korean boyfriend, it’s not that different from making a non-Korean boyfriend. Just show him what you feel, what you think and how do you think of him. 

If you guys are a match made for each other, whatever you do it will work. 


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